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It’s Realtor not Real -a- tor

real.tor logoHi there,

This came up in conversation this afternoon giving me the PERFECT opportunity to put in my two cents!

My mother and I were on our way to take pictures of a new listing this afternoon when a commercial came on the radio and I thought she might reach into the speaker and pull the DJ out by her tongue for saying real-a-tor. It’s a pet peeve that has been corrected by both of us in mid-sentence on more than one occasion, lets just say it can get awkward!  It made me wonder if the commercial went live before it could be corrected or I suppose it’s possible that no one noticed.

Which raises another question… How many people know it’s wrong?

REALTOR® is used to associate the members aka Realtors® to the National Association of Realtors®, also known as NAR. 1 million strong and growing NAR members are involved in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate. Combined as a National, State and local level association established  in 1913. That’s over 100 Years of Professionalism as the voice of Real Estate!

That means it’s a BIG DEAL when someone generalizes the Realtor® designation with every licensee; broker, associate, agent, salesperson or otherwise without recognizing the relevance of becoming a member of NAR. Just like adding an extra A into a word is more than “that’s just how I say it” especially when Realtors® themselves have to be corrected. What does that say about the higher ethical standards that we have sworn to uphold. It takes time, investment, regulations, education and the desire to put ethics on the forefront of the way you choose to do business to call yourself a Realtor®.

It’s hot topic issue for me as I pursue the necessary credentials at the state level to teach other real estate professionals the value of being a Realtor®. It is an opportunity to  protect my sellers, buyers, associates and many others who place their trust in me.

That my friends is my friends is that!  Have a Great day! – Melissa

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