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What BUGS you?

This time of year we tend to have a flux of creepy crawly’s and this season it seems to be spiders and beadles that have a thing for my sun flowers so I’m going to share a little trade secret regarding some of the things that bug me!   20150728_084635

:: Simple solutions to most insect problems is to keep a mixture in a spray bottle:

1 part vinegar

1 part alcohol

and enough dawn dish soap to tint the solution

When you see a bug, spray the little bugger and wait. There is no need to over spray if the solution comes into contact with the insect they will not survive long. It’s safe but the soap can stain so don’t go hog wild!

:: If you have a bug problem that you can’t see, you can buy a bag of:


#1 Benefit is that buying a FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth product is that it is SAFE, INEXPENSIVE AND IT WORKS! Some people use it for detox so your kids, pets, farm animals, garden, etc. have nothing to worry about!

#2 Benefit is that most anything that bugs you will not survive more than 48 hours! When they come into contact with the powder it clings to them, they carry it to their nest and it draws out all the moisture under their exoskeleton.  If you’re lucky it will take out half the nest with it 🙂

– it’s my understanding that Roaches are more susceptible due to their cannibalistic nature. How great is that considering they can survive most anything!

#3 The Benefits are ENDLESS!! Ants, roaches, ticks, bed bugs, flies, wasps, fleas, beadles, dust mites, termites, crickets, centipedes, slugs…. pretty much anything that bugs you! (insects with an exoskeleton have no chance but the eggs might)

:: It can be mixed in paint or with water like and painted on like white wash. Make chalk using ice trays and then you can draw it on the walls under your cabinets or around the trim or the doors. If you have a real issue with something like roaches you can use a paper plate and a jar of something they love like cherries or something sweet but solid that can be dipped with a little extra sprinkled on top so they can’t avoid walking through the power to get a bite and leave it out over night.

:: Bed Bugs are the WORST because they like to travel!! Don’t let your guard down! Most people who have problems with bed bugs don’t want anyone to know, like it’s a dirty little secret. This prevents them from reporting the problem to the County Extension office. Which I’m told is the hub for environmental insect migration. To be safe I would try to comply with there information gathering but don’t hesitate to powder any and all access to your bed. The legs of the bed and head board, screw holes, and hideaways not limited to around the outlets and in the creases of your mattress (they leave behind tiny black droppings that look like pepper).

The WORST thing you can do is move or remove items from your house or try to bomb the house with store bought cans. The bugs will travel from room to room/house to house and back again. Washing items leaves survivors in fabric and in the pipes. It takes a industrial grade dryer to get fabric hot enough to be effective so that’s not much help.

Don’t make the problem worse than it has to be! USE THE DE POWDER!

– These are smart bugs they will hide under the fabric like sheets, cloths, carpet or upholstery and they will keep moving and bite you several times in a row injecting you with a numbing antiseptic like solution that later causes red itchy bumps, then they run and you don’t know what hit you until it starts itching! They will also pick and choose so you may get bit and someone else in the house won’t. Who knows why but it happens. The spray I mentioned before or pure alcohol also works and enclosing mattresses, cloths, furniture, etc. in plastic with no means of escape is an option but will take longer.

:: Sprinkle the DE Powder in the yard around the fence, around hedges and the exterior of the house to prevent new problems. Powder the dogs a day before their bath and wash away the dead bugs, powder your garden or flowers without worrying. Mix it with water and white wash trees. This is BUG KILLER YOU CAN EAT! The bugs will dry up and dye off in a few days.

:: The drawback is that it is a little irritating on your skin like a talcum powder and the dust can irritate your senses. Like I said before; use it in moderation, don’t go HOG WILD and you’ll be fine.

Learn More: 

di·a·to·ma·ceous earth (pest Control)

buy 50lb bags

buy 1lb powder

Links and information can change without notice. I have not yet purchased supplies from these companies so shop around now that you know what you’re looking for. All other information is my own opinion regarding the things that bug me, tricks of the trade and crap people tell me, so use caution because I go a little HOG WILD sometimes…. Thanks for reading, Mell

P.S. My sunflowers are HAPPY AGAIN 🙂

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